Assignment and Assumption of Lease Form

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The Lessor`s consent is subject to payment by the Lessor of all rental and other costs due at the time of assignment under the main lease (notwithstanding the fact that such fees may be charged after the date of assignment). By performing the following, the Lessor accepts this assignment of the Rental Agreement to the Buyer and acknowledges the continuation of the Rental Agreement by and between the Assignee and the Lessor. The Lessor is not a party to the assignment and executes this document for the limited purpose of giving consent. Consent to such assignment shall not be deemed a waiver of the Lessor`s right to consent to a subsequent assignment or lease in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as long as the Buyer issues to the Lessor a letter of credit that meets the requirements of Article 21 of the Rental Agreement, the Lessor must return the original letter of credit to the assignor within three (3) working days of receipt of such Letter of Credit from the Buyer by the Lessor, and thereafter such original letter of credit shall be invalid and without further force or effect. 11. Default under rental. Within two (2) days of receipt of notice from the Lessor regarding the performance of the Subtenant`s obligations under the Rental Agreement, the Buyer must send a copy of such notice to the Assignor. Within two (2) days of receipt of notice from the Lessor regarding the performance of the Subtenant`s obligations under the Lease Agreement, the Assignor will send a copy of such notice to the Assignee. 19. Condition precedent.

This Agreement is not and will not remain in effect unless each Landlord and Owner gives its consent to this Agreement. If either landlord or landlord does not accept this agreement within thirty (30) days of delivery of this agreement to the landlord and landlord, the assignor or assignor may terminate this agreement at any time prior to receiving consent from the landlord and landlord by written notice to the other party, and in such a case, neither the assignor nor the assignor shall have any obligation to the other party under such notice. Agreement. The transferor must reasonably cooperate with the assignor to obtain the consent of the landlord and landlord, including the provision of financial and other information requested by the landlord and landlord.1 Mission. The assignor hereby grants, transfers and transfers to the assignor all rights, title and interest of the assignor in the lease for the remainder of the term of the lease. rental and other charges specified in the rental agreement and subject to the conditions contained in the rental agreement, which must now be fulfilled and complied with by the assignee. If you have to leave a rental property before the lease expires, a lease allows another tenant to assume your responsibilities under the lease. Keep in mind that if the new tenant does not respect his end of contract, for example by not paying the rent, you and the new tenant may be responsible. .

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