Sarnia Police Collective Agreement

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Service revenues fell slightly, by $344, but there is a trend towards fewer police escorts for things like transporting oversized loads around the city, Nelson said. The salaries of uniformed officers will increase by two percent each year of the agreement, while civilians will experience an average annual increase of 1.5 percent over the four years. The Sarnia police budget has been reduced to 2.99%. On Thursday, the association and the police commission announced that they had ratified a four-year contract retroactive to January 1, 2020. Chief Norm Hansen said the agreement offers both salary and performance improvements while creating balance for taxpayers and aligning the city`s police department with similarly sized colleagues in other communities. He said the parties had worked together in a cooperative and respectful manner to reach an agreement. “This agreement is a very good agreement for the association, the police department and the taxpayer,” he said. Public servants and civilians represented by the Sarnia Police Association (SPA) have a new collective agreement that runs until the end of 2023. “It`s always the last missing piece of the puzzle before we bring the budget back to the board.” In 2020, there were 115 uniformed officers and the equivalent of 56 full-time civilians. “We just don`t sit down at the negotiating table and talk,” he said.

“It`s consistent and the association deserves a lot of credit for working proactively to maintain good relationships.” “This is probably the smallest increase I can remember,” said Mike Bradley, president and CEO. “We still have escorts, but not as many as before.” If you would like to apply for this position, click here to learn more about the application process. The exchange rate is driving up ammunition prices, and the cost of reducing lead in the region has also risen recently, Nelsons said. There are only a few cleaners that offer the service. “It`s just something you do in the workplace – having an employee support program available to people,” he said. The agreement provides for salary increases of 1.5 percent each year, bringing the salary of a high-level constable to $100,339 in 2019, said Bradley, also mayor of Sarnia. “And given the stress of policing, this is becoming more and more common. “It helps us stabilize the operation of the service over the next four years, and the negotiators told me it was a very civil, respectful and good contract for both parties,” Bradley said. • higher costs for ammunition and range clean-up ($65,000 vs. $53,000); Other notable points of the new contract, meanwhile, include a $2,500 fund for psychological counseling, Bradley said. He attributed the result — cheaper than most other Ontario companies, he said — to good working relationships, including ongoing communication with the association.

POSITION: Court Security Officer SALARY: Category 4 – Ongoing civil negotiations have been ongoing since the spring, he said. The contract also allows for the hiring of new officers as cadets for training before being sworn in as a fourth class of constables. Savings have been seen through minor cuts in budgets for program procurement and information technology, officials said. A higher-than-expected subsidy for the transportation of prisoners from the province also reinforced the final outcome. • and an additional $22,000 for workplace health and wellness training, including post-traumatic stress disorder, peer support initiatives and team training. Final information on insurance and benefits arrived recently, with smaller increases than originally expected, police chief Phil Nelson said. Salaries and benefits account for more than nine-tenths of the budget. Other factors that will drive up police costs next year include: The increase – from $650,000 to $22.5 million – is less than a proposed increase of 4.25% in September.

. The 111 Sarnia officers and the 44 civilian members of the Sarnia Police Association, meanwhile, have agreed to a new three-year contract that will begin on January 1, when their current contracts expire. The chair of the police committee, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, said they were pleased that the negotiations went well. “I think it keeps us in our comparators well and also helps the city manage its budgets,” he said. • $38,000 to install two new servers to store increasing amounts of video evidence; Candidates who possess the basic qualifications must complete and submit the checklist for mandatory documents, application for civil selection and authorization to disclose information. Candidates must indicate the position for which they are applying. Members of the police council on Monday approved the final draft budget, which will be submitted to the city council for budget deliberation on December 6. “Maybe it`s because of the economy,” he said. Miro Soucek, president of the association, said it was a fair deal for the city and the association`s members.


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